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Prof. Dr. Fee-Alexandra Haase: Welcome inside the Think Tank

This article focuses on Critical Thinking (CT) and its elements and applications in management in the post-modern media age. While Critical Thinking is considered a personal skill related to a person, who uses several qualities in a decision making process, it is also an important feature for the connection between entities of human thinking and institutions and institutional processes. So far Critical Thinking has the ability to make management and planning decisions, while other decision-making processes depend on any other factors and are based upon media and methods that are far more institutionally organized. If we use the term ´applied Critical Thinking´ in this paper for the use of Critical Thinking skills in other areas, we utilize it -in other words- for the application of any Critical Thinking skills that may can be used as a tool for research and decision making processes. This article demonstrates the usability of Critical Thinking in decision-making processes. In this article we will also look at the relation between Critical Thinking and other types of thinking. Critical Thinking is one of the main skills of any Think Tank and we will have to take a look at the connections of different types of thinking in order to see its functions. Management we understand here as the organized handling of information according to a certain purpose; Critical Thinking is the methodical way to reach this goal.


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