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Prof. Dr. Fee-Alexandra Haase: ´Transfer of information and hetorical figuration - Limits of speech communication.

- A rose is a rose is a rose -

This article focuses on the theme speech communication used as a medium for ´transfer of information´ and as the application of rhetorical elements in spoken words. In the most simplest way speech communication can be described as the process for the transmission of information by the use of speech from one human entity to another. As one of the central components of the western educational system, rhetoric is an influential branch of linguistic disciplines for the historical development of speech culture far into the 21st century. (1) We will look at the elements rhetoric as a system offers necessary for a speech communication process. We will also look at the conditions of stylistic forms in speech communication coming from rhetoric, grammar, linguistics and media studies. Research done so far faced more or less the lassic relation between rhetoric as orally or written presented art and style within the rhetorical structure of a spoken or written text continuums. (2) Our interest in this article is the relation between style as a qualitative category for the form of textual or verbal compositions and traditional systems of languages, in which stylistic phrases can be found. Most style concepts base upon the rhetorical system with a separation of three levels of speech style and put a stress upon the degrees and types of rhetorical elements used in the text and their reference to rhetorical schemata. The term "rhetorical figuration" is used here on the one hand to describe the phenomenon, that rhetorical elements are structured in a certain form. This form principle is on the one hand visually seen by the fact that certain forms have their equivalent in geometry and symmetry, rhythm and canons or are even based upon a numeric order. The term flores rhetoricae for the elements of rhetoric has a history in the European rhetorical culture. We will exemplify this relationship and the limits of communication with a concrete example, the "rose".


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