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Prof. Dr. Fee-Alexandra Haase: ´Transfer of information and hetorical figuration - Limits of speech communication.

1. Speech style and "rhetorical figuration" - A case study

What is style? Style is a term for the use of speech with the art of producing patterns of sentences and words that will make a favourable impression on a reader or listener. Elements of style include language as a means and linguistic operations on the level of syntax, semiotic and pragmatic structure, next to rhetorical elements like figures of speech and schemes. In opposition to informal articulations or just the simple transfer of informations in form of data we can consider speech as language used in formal artificial conceptions. Style is the formal surface appearance of any text that can be described in rhetorical terms for speech elements. So the style is on the one hand the formal appearance of any text. Here we come to the pragmatic dimension. On the other hand a style is a constructive element for the constitution of a text. Style makes a text easier or harder to understand and can even improve the quality of a text in a persuasive way. Speech style depends on the type of speech chosen. (3) Types of speech are:

Personal speech quality Individual style

Social group speech quality Group style

Time/ époque speech quality Époque style

Extrinsic speech style classification

Any style in general is the way in which something is said. Next to this extrinsic speech style communication also a classification by the intrinsic qualities of speech exist. ´Plain style´ without any artificial elements seeks to speak in the voice of the audience. iddle style seeks to speak to a wide audience mediating between the lower and the upper level. rand style seeks to speak to the elite of a group, whether that group is the educated, the righteous, or the superior using artificial elements. Style and information of contents in a speech stand in a relation to each other. The more style quality is involved in a speech entity, the less basic fact-informations are transmitted. E.g. the following sentence is a definition containing pure plain words and terminology:

A rose is a flowering shrub of the genus Rosa and the flower of this shrub.


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