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Prof. Dr. Fee-Alexandra Haase: ´Transfer of information and hetorical figuration - Limits of speech communication.

Written by the same author the metaphor "rose" stands within two different concepts of the two plays cited here. When we look at these examples we see that the use of the word "rose" depends on a surrounding that is able to understand the metaphor and a context in a homogeneous level of style. General criteria for such style concepts are:

1. Homogeneous use of the style concept; e.g. the metaphor "rose" in one of Shakespeare"s plays.

2. The style is the form, in which the facts are presented. In Shakespeare"s play Henry IV the metaphor "Rose of England" stands for the English kingdom.

3. Reference to an established style conception is necessary. The established style conception is the rhetorical system.

Style concepts change depending on historical movements. In general, we can distinguish several main types of styles from each other:

1. Personal styles

2. Styles depending upon a time or époque

3. Styles depending upon a region or local area

4. Styles depending on literary methods / techniques


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