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Prof. Dr. Fee-Alexandra Haase: ´Transfer of information and hetorical figuration - Limits of speech communication.

2. Definition of speech communication and its relevance for the information transfer

"Speech communication" is an expression for communication by the use of speech. The mental faculty or power of vocal communication is called speech. Let"s continue with our example of the rose to see how it can become a theme of a communication process. The rose can be used as a subject for spoken communication: In ancient Greek time oratory was used for one person"s mind affecting another person"s mind via the spoken word. Since that time speech communication entailed both verbal and non-verbal communication such as gestures, facial expression as human symbolic behaviour in many forms. Speech is the act of delivering a formal spoken communication contents to an audience. Style is also language communication by words used in speech communication trough a spoken language of a voice in an oral process spoken in the exchange of spoken words in a characteristic manner of style.

Speech Data in Form Poetic Style Level Example: Shakespeare"s "Rose of England"
Information Pure Data Information Level Example: Definition "Rose"
Articulation Sound No up to less meaning Sound Level Example: Imitation

of the sound "rose"

The levels of language in terms of communication values


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